The Beginning...

Hello there! I'm Jake, the Owner of MCSZN. This has been a ride, but we're finally ready to release this beautiful project!

When is MCSZN's Grand Release?

Our Grand Release will take place July 9th. (7/9)

MCSZN Survival

We've decided to go fairly basic for the release. I didn't want to overload the server with useless incomplete features, so I worked on perfecting the economy and worked on ensuring we're never forced to reset any progress. That being said, we do have some awesome features on the server!

● Progression System - The progression system consists of 6 prestiges, each consisting of 10 ranks, for a total of 60 different ranks! The rank names are Coal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, and Netherite. Each rank has It's own emblem displayed beside your username. Every time you rankup you receive a customized reward consisting of money, keys, or event starters.

● MCMMO - MCMMO is a progressive skill based system which rewards you for grinding. This plugin offers advantages such as Super Powers. For example, a super power is Super Breaker. Super Breaker can be activated every five minutes and insta breaks blocks! There is a super power for almost every task, and there are also cool things such as increased drop rates. MCMMO works hand in hand with jobs, rewarding you for your progress and grinding towards your next goal.

● Jobs - You can have a job here! Pick up a job by visiting the NPC at spawn, or type /jobs. Jobs are one of the biggest sources of income, and are mandatory to compete in the economy.

● Land Claims - Protect your property by claiming your land.

● Crates - Just like most servers, we also offer lootcrates. A fun way to randomize rewards and add an extra edge to increase that dopamine!

● Hourly Events - There are currently two different events. A fishing tournament, and a mashup of COD and CS.

● Shops - We have a player controlled economy which is also supported through our player oriented shop system. All prices will be decided by the community.

● Parties / Pinata A vote party will occur every 100 votes. Rewards will be given for participating in the party and a Llama will appear!

A render of the plaza

Let's go shopping!

Support the growth and development of MCSZN by purchasing cool cosmetics and perks!


Wait what? You can make money by playing MINECRAFT?!?

Yes, you can! We do monthly contests here at MCSZN. This months rewards consist of $250 worth of prizes. Prizes will be awarded based on your playtime, rank progress, balance, MCMMO level, counting events, hourly in game events and more!

Vote for the server

Help us grow the community and reach a broader audience!


Discord Bot

Our Discord bot is almost complete, we're just waiting on a few final touches to be complete. The bot is fairly basic, but it will include a counting feature so #counting in the Discord will be automatic along with the giveaways.

Staff Applications

Staff applications are currently opened. If you'd like to inquire about a staff position message Snowcone, our manager. As soon as our bot is online all applications , questions, bugs and suggestions will be dealt with through #support.